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Ruaille Buaille Lucan Children’s Music Festival • 8 June – 11 June 2016


The Sound and Rhythm of Jazz


NCH Education, Community & Outreach comes to Ruaille Buaille

Exploring Music for Primary Schools: The Sound and Rhythm of Jazz

Day Friday | Date June 9th | Time 10.00am, 11.30am & 1.10pm | Cost €2.00 per Student


A lively concert workshop for primary school groups (3rd-6th class) exploring music from around the world; today we will travel to America, with the focus on the sounds and rhythms of jazz.

What does it mean to improvise? Why does jazz sound and feel the way it does? How did rock and pop develop from jazz? Join in with our musicians and find out the answers! Book Early for this!

Presented by The National Concert Hall Education, Community and Outreach.