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Ruaille Buaille Lucan Children’s Music Festival • 8 June – 11 June 2016

Jim Jam Jug

Shane McGrath is a musician/artist who has been running a Gymboree Play and Music franchise for over 10 years teaching child developmental music classes for pre-school children.

He has recently worked on numerous occasions with The Ark, Cultural Centre for Children in facilitation of various early years workshops and music performance workshops for primary school children.

He also co-runs Little Strummers, an afterschool programme teaching Ukulele to 7-12 year olds.

Jim Jam Jug Band is his most recent project, it was launched in Killruddery House, Bray last November and has run in The Ark during Tradfest 2017. It will be popping up at lots of festivals and events this year.

Jim Jam Jug Band

Learn to use a range of fun household objects to create music as you form your own folk band in a classroom!

A jug band is a type of traditional folk band from America where at least one member of the band plays music using a jug! Other instruments in a jug band are often made from objects you might recognise from around the house including, a suitcase bass drum, spoons, washboards played with thimbles, a washtub bass and pizza box percussion.

Apart from all the household objects the Jim Jam Jug Band have an array of other instruments such as ukulele, kazoos and more, and offer lots of opportunity for singing throughout this fun hour long workshop

Jim Jam Jug Band has been developed with support from The Ark


Day Wednesday | Date June 7th | Time 9.30am & 11.00am | Age All Ages
Capacity 4 classes | Cost €2.00 per Student | Booking Open NOW: