An Ant Called Amy

Written and performed by Julie Sharkey

  • Classes: Junior infants, senior infants & first class
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Medium:
    Pre-recorded and available to schools as a link
  • Date: TBC

This is a story about an ant called Amy (an award- winning ant I might add), her brother Andy and a brown spider.

Amy gets happiness from winning an award but finds true happiness through embracing her brother's memory in the everyday.

A story about a busy little ant who learns to slow down.

Original score by Cork based composer Irene Buckley. Irene was present throughout rehearsals as the script was settling and the story was evolving. Her delicate score journeys with Amy from the everyday to the scary to the glorious awakening in the final scene. The play sails on the music right through to the end.

A thirty-minute heart-warming, moving and delightful tale depicting the world of this busy little ant through story, music and film.

Written and performed by Julie Sharkey
Music by Irene Buckley
Directed by Raymond Keane
Cinematographer/Editor: Emma Brennan

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