Natural Creators in the Amazon

with composer Karen Power

John Godfrey: The Amazon Rainforest Light
Natural Creators sound-boards

  • Classes: Junior & Senior Infants
  • Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Medium: Livestream via Zoom

  • Date: Available on request

This workshop encourages children's natural openness and curiosity through a series of guided composing, improving, listening and play activities. The Natural Creators program is built on a series of practice-based research, which recognises the significance of understanding, and and being led by children's natural instinct. Natural Creators workshops are built on slowly integrating sound into children's everyday lives through a series of listening to sounds, observing sounds, repeating and extending. This program is designed in an open and improvised manner facilitating every child to engage in the process with their own unique approach to creating sound. In the space, I emphasise the importance of the equality of each child in a way that is mindful to how children create naturally. Put simply, I try to enhance their innate impulses by not 'getting-in-the-way' and providing a carefully considered, creative, and open environment. Together we listen, respond and create.

This will be an online interactive workshop with a pre-workshop activity where participants will be guided through gathering their own sound materials.

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