Sing Me A Story!

by Malachy Robinson

  • Classes: 2nd, 3rd & 4th Classes
  • Duration: Final performance 45 mins (with children’s participation taking approx. 15 mins of this time). The remainder is the Tall Tales Trio instrumental performance.
  • Medium:
    We would ask a class teacher, of the above age range, to apply to have Malachy work via Zoom, for a number of sessions in advance, to create the story and songs. A final session would rehearse the songs and prepare the students input into the live performance.

    The live performance can be in a school hall with limited numbers and 3 performers (wearing masks and socially distanced) and with the selected class taking part in each of the performances OR in a covered outdoor space (provided by the Festival.)

    We can have up to 3 performances in the day.

  • Date: Friday 25th June, pre-Zoom sessions flexible for now.

Ruaille Buaille are delighted to have commissioned musician, composer and educationalist Malachy Robinson (Irish Chamber Orchestra) to write a work for children and the Tall Tales Trio. Malachy will bring his song-writing expertise to the classroom and engage the children in writing a set of songs that will combine to form a story performed in the end by the students themselves with the accompaniment of the Tall Tales Trio (violin, accordion and bass). The outcome depends entirely on the childrens' input and imagination, so anything could happen!

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