The Far Field

work in progress, sharing live from Draoicht Arts Centre

  • Classes: Junior Infants – 2nd Class
  • Time: 11.30am – 12.00pm
  • Medium: Livestream

  • Date: Tuesday 23rd June

Children from Junior - 2nd classes are invited to join Ceol Connected for a special first-look at their show - The Far Field. In June, Ceol Connected will be rehearsing their new show at Draíocht Arts Centre, and this is an opportunity for children to go 'behind the scenes' to see what happens in the rehearsal room. They will have a chance to meet the musicians, the puppeteer, the director, and even the puppets! The musicians will share some of the music and songs from the show, and the children will have a chance to ask some questions afterwards.

What is The Far Field about?

The otherworldly realm of fairies and folklore is brought to life in this irresistibly joyful and magical traditional music, puppetry, and storytelling performance for young children (ages 3+).

One Summer day in the little hills of Co. Monaghan, Lonán the farmer discovers a magical whistle hidden in a hare's nest. Suspecting that it belongs to the fairy folk who live at the edge of his farm, Lonán decides that the whistle should be returned to its rightful owners. Join Lonán on his quest filled with magical traditional music, puppetry, and storytelling to the enchanted 'Far Field'.

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