The Move

by Maria Carbonell

  • Classes: 6th Class
    we require 1 teacher to apply to have their 6th class work online with Maria to create the content.
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Medium:
    Online pre-recorded performance. Maria will work with a designated 6th class as a collaborate process to create the content and to ensure it is relevant and meaningful.
  • Date: Pre-Zoom sessions flexible for now (final performance by link to your classroom).

Singer, musician and BIMM student Maria Carbonell will compose a piece of work that leans towards the world of the musicals. This performance will carefully consider the hopes, dreams, and anxieties experienced by older children in times of transition and uncertainty.  As a starting point of Maria’s creative process, she will explore the highs and lows of older children as they ‘make the move’ to ‘big’ school.

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