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Ruaille Buaille Lucan Children’s Music Festival • 8 June – 11 June 2016

Tunes for Tiny – School and Creche Visits

Join tin-whistle and uilleann pipes player Thomas Johnston for an early years music workshop packed with interactive tunes and songs that little ears and voices will love.  

There will be lots of singing and dancing, and there might even even an appearance by some of the creatures of Whistleberry Forest. Everyone gets an instrument and everyone gets to join in. This is live music making at its most fun and a great way to enjoy music-making together that your family can continue at home!

Children must be accompanied by a participating adult.


Day Thursday | Date June 6th | Time 9.30am
Age Creche visit or Junior Infants class | Cost €2.00 per student


Trad Day **School Visit**

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with James Mahon (Kíla),
Seanan Brennan (Kíla) &
Brian Fleming (percussionist)

An unforgettable traditional music workshop and performance with three of Ireland's leading performers and workshop facilitators. Available to visit your school for an entertaining journey into the world of Irish music. Be ready for lots of interactive music-making with this lively trio!

This workshop is available through Irish or English.

Day Wednesday | Date June 5th | Time 1.10pm - 2.00pm
Age 1st - 6th classes | Cost €2.00 per student | Numbers up to 4 classes per session



Whistleberry Tunes

Fun and engaging tin-whistle workshop - developed especially for children ages 7+.

A workshop for anyone who would like to learn basic skills and Irish tunes on the tin-whistle.

This workshop can also be continued online in Thomas Johnston's 'Whistleberry Tunes' series of fun and engaging online lessons developed especially for children. Access codes to access this course for free will be distributed on the day.

Day Friday | Date June 7th | Time 11.30am & 1.10pm
Age 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th classes | Cost €3 per student (includes a FREE Tin Whistle)
Numbers Max 30



Instant Opera!

This brand new project is premiering at this year's Ruaille Buaille, Lucan Children's Music Festival.

Instant Opera! with a cast of international opera singers Sylvia O Brien (Soprano), David Lynn (Tenor) and Simon Morgan (Baritone), together with pianist David Wray, Instant Opera will visit your school for a fun filled workshop/performance. In this action-packed session students get a once off opportunity to listen to and learn all about the art of opera. Students can also take part in an opera performance themselves! 

All participants, students and teachers (if they are good!) are then invited to attend Ruaille Buaille in the Park on Saturday June 8th to perform as part of Instant Opera! in the Park with a cast of 100's!

Day Thursday | Date June 6th | Time 11.30am & 1.10pm (60 mins)
Age 2nd to 6th classes | Cost €2.00 per student


Podcasting Workshop


Imagine tales of epic deeds, of wonderful characters and of reimagining what happened in our worlds as a story we can share with friends and family. Combine these with the amazing possibilities that modern technology enables and you have digital storytelling or DigiTales !

Createschool present a programme where children learn to make art and tell stories with mobile digital technology.  They can share their stories, realise their ideas and gain lots of new skills with a strong emphasis on collaboration, critical thinking, enjoyment and of course creativity!

All materials and equipment is supplied (including iPads).

Day Thursday | Date June 6th | Time 10.00am & 11.30am
Age 3rd to 6th classes | Cost €2.00 per student | Numbers Max 30


Ruaille Buaille welcomes Kakatsitsi featuring Mbilou to Lucan as part of their international tour….



Bodhrán Workshop for Beginners

Traditional and World Music player Brian Fleming will visit your school to facilitate an informative hour on the art of bodhrán playing for beginners.

Instruments supplied. This workshop is available through Irish or English.

Day Wednesday | Date June 5th | Time 9.30am - 10.30am
Age 3rd to 6th classes | Cost €2.00 per student | Numbers 1 class (approx 30)