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Ruaille Buaille Lucan Children’s Music Festival • 8 June – 11 June 2016


Go Fly Your Kite School Visit

Ruaille Buaille is offering this amazing workshop to schools, the opportunity to have the Go Fly Your Kite team visit your school! Allow your students to explore their creativity while making a specially designed bespoke kite. The workshops enable children from 8 - 11 years to trace an outline from one of many templates onto their own blank material diamond kites.  The outline is then coloured in from many choices of indelible ink colours available.

"During the workshop we focus on a can do approach of prormoting creativity, freestyle designs, construction of the kite, play music, hints and tips for flying and keeping it safe while flying your kite. Its good old fashioned fun"
Glenn and the Go Fly Your Kite team.

All kites will have a Music / Ruaille Buaille theme. Students who have made kites in their school are asked to come to Griffeen Park on Saturday June 9th for an extravaganza of kite flying at the GO FLY YOUR KITE flying demonstration as part of Ruaille Buaille in Griffeen Park. Then take your kite home for your own enjoyment!

Day Wednesday | Date June 6th | Times 3 school workshops available
Age Ideal age group 8 - 11 year olds | Cost €2.00 per Student